A Choice

Michael Peach

It’s possible advanced aliens
Visited the Earth
In ancient times;
That Jesus was sent by his father
(Leader of the Elohim)
To save us from ourselves
Or, rather, from the sin of Adam
(Himself a seed of that other world),
And, after being crucified
By slaves of Satan
(His rebel elder brother),
Revived and ascended
On a spacecraft’s beam,
In order to return when time is right.

It’s also possible that John of Patmos
Saw indeed the final fruit
Of man’s free will:
An apocalypse  which now appears
To be both feasible and ripe.

Yet, choose I do to hope
Such views are incorrect;
That, via penance, humility
And due acknowledgement
Of the loving Creator-Spirit
We call God,
We can ourselves
Ourselves and this dear planet save.

4 September 2010

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