A Dread

Michael Peach

Relentlessly the human race
Will rush to meet its self-made fate
At Armageddon.
All eyes upon Jerusalem –
That forced symbol of unity,
Who breeds division, hate and war –
Focussed will be until that Day.

Meantime her Jewish overlords,
Corrupted theocratic pimps,
Repeat the hubris of Davidic rule;
Ape past colonial practices;
Serve as the midwife-catalyst
For an angry, bastardized Islam –

In turn igniting morbid fear
In Christian fundamentalists,
Unable to cope with freedom’s cares
And keen that History be closed,
Who read into each new event
Some old apocalyptic prophecy.

Dismayed also by their own towns,
Impaired by crime and racial hate,
To Zion’s gates en masse they’ll flock,
Believing fast that at the End
The hand of God will pluck them
From the burning world of mortal men.

And all the while the vacuum
In those Western towns will  be replaced
By Militant Islam,
Whose cry for vengeance in God’s name
Incites resentful, hardened hearts
And seizes slavish, bloody minds.
Allied to nations in the Middle East,
On receiving word the Last Battle is nigh,
This army of immigrants
And disaffected proselytes
Will from their dark ghettos rise up
And fell the Western walls within.

Thus, in the guise of siren sweet
Our vengeful universal whore,
Yerushalyim, shall fulfil
Her long-held, evil fantasy
To cause the final fall of man:
That hypocrite-idolater.

                         20 May 1992

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