An Archetypal Dream

Michael Peach

(Dedicated to Salih Diab)

And Jacob lifted up his eyes
And looked.
And, behold,
Out of Gaza
Into the light
Came Esau
And with him, unarmed
And on foot,
A multitude of men,
Women and kids.

And Jacob,
Knowing the time had come,
Passed over
Before his armed men
And bowed himself to the ground
Seven times
Until he came close
To his long-lost,
Disinherited twin.

And Esau ran to meet him
And embraced him
And fell on his neck
And kissed him.
And they wept.

And Jacob said,
We will share
Our birthright
And the land promised
By the Lord
To Abraham and his seed.
For today I have seen
Thy face
As though I had seen
The face of God.
Go, my brother, in peace.

And Esau agreed;
I have prepared for us
Our father’s favourite dish.
Come home with me,
O kindred soul,
To celebrate
And feast.

1 May 2018


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