Christian Fundamentalists

Michael Peach

Since they regard
The archetypal,
Greek inscribed New Testament
As the objective biography
Of Jewish Jesus
And the blueprint of God,
They inevitably accept
And condone
A temporal interpretation,
With its bloody implications,
Of Armageddon
And “The End of Days”.

If, on the other hand,
They would view
This multi-layered,
Hellenistic Mystery literature
Not literally
But metaphorically,
As in the Gnostic gospels
And Joyce’s Ulysses
The concealed spiritual,
Creative and timeless meaning
Of the Greek word
Would be revealed.

Then again,
Perhaps some First Century texts
In Hebrew or Aramaic
Depicting the pacifist,
Egalitarian Jewish prophet
Yeshu —
Who knew how to spin
For both savvy and simple folk
A good yarn —
Will, like the Dead Sea Scrolls,
Suddenly and synchronistically
Be discovered in a local cave.

1 June 2021

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