From the Lost Gospel of Thaddaeus

Michael Peach

Jesus said:
All who seek with all their soul
Will find the truth….
The Lord’s creation contains
Both light and dark;
But where there is wholeness
There is love.
Blessed are the whole in spirit,
For theirs is the Kingdom of God.

When we make the two One,
And the inner as the outer,
And the outer as the inner,
And the below as the above;
When we know the male
In the female
And female in the male;
When we flick the blowfly
Off our own eye
Rather than swat the tic
In our brother’s,
Then can we see the Kingdom.

May all with mind perceive,
And all with body sense,
And all with instinct feel,
And all with heart believe
The Kingdom of God
Is within us
And in our midst.

While he spake these words
Sap began to seep
Through the bark of the fig tree,
And Thaddaeus saw
That he himself
Was a son of God….

And Jesus also loved music,
Especially that of a Greek
Who dwelt in Sepphoris,

19 June 2009

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