Jerusalem Trumped

Michael Peach

I cannot but suspect
That behind the proclamation
Of this ego-possessed
Gambler and showman lies
An unholy alliance,
Or cabal,
Of literalist Jews and Christians
Who think, if a Third Temple
Is built on Mount Moriah,
The Messiah will come
To rule the world.

Whether he was here before
As healer and peacemaker
Is irrelevant:
For both camps believe
This Messiah will follow
In the footsteps
Of King David
And lead “the sons of light”
Against those of “darkness”
In an apocalyptic war.

Meanwhile certain Muslims
Are praying for Prophet Isa
To do the same
For Islam.
Whether he knows it or not,
President Trump
In the footsteps
Of Herod the Great
And Emperor Nero
Has just set the stage
And lit the fuse
Of “Armageddon”.

10 December 2017


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