Macrocosm-Microcosm (2)

Michael Peach

It’s no surprise
Many more men than women
Are violating, abusing
And exploiting
Mother Earth.

Due to the “Abraham Accords” —
Patriarchal phallicies
The U.A.E. shall pump
Their crude oil,
Their filthy fossil fuel,
To Europe
Via an inevitably leaky,
Long and tumid
Penetrating Israel through Eilat.

Meanwhile Jerusalem’s municipality
Converts curvaceous paths
In a mysterious, womb-like
Wildlife sanctuary
Into soulless, symmetrical,
Excessively lit,
Lineal corridors;
Ironically confirming thus
Its mythical name:
The Valley of the Cross.

Needless to say,
Apart from crosses,
The toxic, fascist Romans
Throughout their empire
Constructed long, straight roads.

5 November 2021

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