” Lear’s Shadow “

Michael Peach

Like all of Shakespeare’s best dramatic roles,
King Lear’s an awesome mix of dark and light;
So when his shadow tragically controls
His psyche, wrong eclipses good and right.
This is, indeed, the message of the “Fool”,
Whose job it is to tell the truth to Lear;
By means of caustic wit and ridicule –
Along with sympathy – his point’s made clear.
Then, aided too by Kent in a dreadful storm,
And seemingly mad, Lear suddenly transcends
His shadow; meets “Poor Tom”, to whom he’s warm
And whose human rights he ardently defends.
++For in the depths of a spiritual black hole
++King Lear has glimpsed at last his God-like Soul.

Ramat Gan
19 May 2024

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