Time, Space and Soul

Michael Peach

If the distant past
Of deep space
Can be seen in the present
And the future
Of the Cosmos gleaned
In the life and death
Of stars,
All seems predetermined
And finite –
Unless, of course, we acknowledge
The Soul:
The sacred fount
Of selfless love that sees,
Or feels,
Through time and space
To the primal act
Of Love and Revelation,
The Big Bang;
The secret source that stores
The quintessential seeds
Enlightened healers sow
In wounded or deserted hearts
And blasted minds
Heedless of its power;
The source, no less,
Of the always imminent
Kingdom of God
(Which in the uterine,
Archetypal depths
Of the collective unconscious
Struggles with its twin,
Or shadow,
Potential Hell on Earth):
A state where the future
Is indeed an eternal,
Loving present
That transcends the mortal past.


30 November 2017

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